Let's Find Top Talent For Your Hiring Needs

We provide customized recruitment services for your unique needs, to help your business grow and succeed. From head hunting to talent acquisition consulting, we’ve got your hiring needs covered!

Personalized Boutique Services

We take a dedicated, hands-on approach for all of our clients, and we treat their results like our own.

Complex Searches for Niche Talent

We have a proven track record in finding rare talent. We go the extra mile to get who you need.

Over 10 Years of Search Experience

Our owner has spent over 10 years as a partner in one of the top national search firms in Canada.

Why CHoose Us?

We understand that your time is your most valuable commodity. Bringing employers and employees together is our passion. We have experience across many industries, giving us the ability to quickly identify both employer and employee needs. In an ever changing recruitment environment, we understand the challenges faced when hiring a new employee and the latest trends and technologies for finding top talent.

Our Services

Talent Acquisition (Recruitment)

Many businesses have unique hiring needs but don’t have the time to perform a comprehensive search for talent (and the standard job boards often don’t produce the desired results). That’s where MAC Search comes in and finds the perfect talent for your role.

Talent Acquisition Consulting

Is your business looking to improve its recruiting process? In addition to talent acquisition direct sourcing services, we also provide consulting services in order to train businesses to find the perfect talent themselves, efficiently and on a consistent basis.

Primary Industries

Business Services
Oil & Gas

Frequently Asked Questions

For the employer:

1. While job posting certainly has its place in talent acquisition, we will directly source talent for each employer targeting candidates that may never apply for your job.

2. We pre-screen candidates to save you time in your search.

3. We provide guarantees on our work to give you peace of mind.

For the employee:

1. We have access to positions that may never be posted online for candidates to see.

2. You will get access to a professional recruiter who will come to you with new opportunities.

3. We understand industry trends and can help guide you through your search.

We work with you to customize your search and meet your unique needs and timelines. We understand that every client is different, so we customize our approach to suit those differences. We utilize the latest technology in the recruitment field to bring you the best results, quickly.

We have the ability to cover all locations across Canada and the US.

We provide various pricing structures based on your specific project needs and requirements. Contact us to get a custom quote!